Monday, July 18, 2005

What a War

We just went to a screening of "War Of The Worlds".

Meh (as my daughter would say!)

Didn't seem like a lot of bang for the buck on that one.

I suspect I will be scathingly reviled by all the H.G.Wells fans, and the Sci-Fi fans, and the Tom Cruise fans...

But, I wasn't hugely impressed by what I saw.

On the way home we tried to figure out what it was that didn't strike a cord with us.

We thought maybe we just don't like that genre of film.

I'm not sure I know exactly what genre that film was.

Sort of Apocalyptic, but sort of Science Fiction...

The plot could have been construed as a "big over-grown boy/dad has to grow up in a hurry and become responsible"  sort of plot, but that has been done before, and much better.

Don't know.

I saw "Signs" in the theatre, and that is a similar kind of movie, I think.

I liked Signs a lot better.

I think it had a stronger plot.

Less big-money special effects, more story, good suspense and foreshadowing.


The most interesting part of the our movie night, was coming out of the theatre and driving home, while a huge blanket of weird black and grey storm clouds moved in from the north-west. As lightening started flashing we just grinned knowingly at each other.

That's how War of the Worlds started.

With black storm clouds and lightening.

Cue the creepy music and sound effects, and head for the basement...

No, the van...

No, the storm cellar...

No, the highway out of town...

No, the ferry to cross the river...

No, the abandoned farm house...

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  1. Hollywood movie

    Lowest common denominator plot

    Hide the gap with effects

    advertise and market heavily

    = box office success?


    I'm writing in single point lines.

    Dumbing down.

    Must be the Hollywood approach to blogging?