Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Where Have All The Children Gone...

#1 is stretching her wings in Winnipeg.

#2 & #3 are camping with the youth group, somewhere north of Prince Albert.

#4 has gone to join his friend for the day. They'll be going to the water park after lunch, and I'll probably join them a little later in the afternoon.

It is SO quiet.


It will be very hard to get motivated to do anything useful, or of lasting value today.

And yesterday was such a B.S. day.

Bra Shopping.

Buying Steak.

Barbecuing Steak.

Backyard Scuffles.

Basement Scourging.

Bathtub Scrubbing.

Bribing Senators.

Bottling Seaweed.

Bathing Seals.

Burping Squid.

Oh, right.

It was actually just the first three. Although I'm sure that Burping Squid would have it's charm too.

Does anyone you know actually LIKE bra shopping?!?!

But, what are you going to do.

On the positive side, the "around" number is smaller than it was 6 months ago, and I only had to look and try bust constricting devices at 2 stores before I found one that suited.

We should all just move to Vancouver Island and become hippies. No more bras. No more make-up. Here's to hairy legs and armpits! Let it all hang out.

Ah, yes.

Our poor children would probably be scarred for life.

Or scared for life.

Both work.

So, where was I?

Oh, yes.

Procrastinating the inevitability of coming out of the closet and meeting the demands of the day.

Well, we'll see.


  1. All things considered, I think I would rather burp squid than scourge basements. The second alternative is all too necessary and probably will be one of those vacation tasks for me, whereas burping squid sounds like a fairly remote possibility and therefore safe to volunteer for.

  2. Anyone ever tried nursing bra shopping within the first few day of your milk coming in? Where you're a perpetual drip-drip and you need to try to get the bra on and off while holding the nursing pads so as not to get milk on the bras your not going to purchase, and you need to try on a dozen b/c your bust has now increased in size exponentially so you have no clue what size you are anymore. I must have been quite a sight at Walmart!

  3. Bribing senators...way to go Lauralea! :)

    The new site looks great!

  4. um...technically, you dont have to move to Vancouver Island to live like that.....just move to mom and dads appartment.


  5. I think I'd better not put the first thoughts that came into my head......

    Now if only we'd known about the steak, we'd have been over like a shot. Oh well ;-)