Friday, August 19, 2005

The Continuing Stooory...

... of a quack who has gone to the dogs...

or should I say Tawny American Marmots?

When the gopher was first sighted, the family proper was away. Oldest daughter was keeping the home fires burning, when the rodent first reared its cute, furry little head.

She took after it with a can of insect repellent- well, Raid House and Garden.

With the arrival of the rest of the clan, the sons took over Pest Control.

They tried luring it to it's death with homemade oatmeal cookies.

They tried a bucket trap, in several incarnations, still with cookie bait.

We have just had visual confirmation that the Richardson's Ground Squirrel in question is indeed able to go into the bucket and climb back out. He doesn't seem to like the chocolate cookies with peanut butter.

So far it's Flickertail 5 and 3 cookies, Family Friesen 0.

I think the Picketpin is smarter than the children.

How  many cookie feedings does it take before it officially becomes a pet?


  1. Oh, but I clicked on the Squirrel link, and it's SOOO CUTE!

    (Have you thought about shooting it?)

  2. Who's "Richardson"? And what, praytell, is his or her ground squirrel doing under your stairs?