Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mysteries of Life Continued

I have been drinking from a bottle that claims to contain "Oxygenated Water".

Now tell me, is this even chemically possible?

Is not water "C02"?

Does this not mean Carbon molecules 1, Oxygen molecules 2?

2 Oxygen  molecules plus 1 Carbon molecule equals...water?


How would adding oxygen make it MORE water, and is that even possible?

When you take away one Oxygen molecule do you not end up with Carbon Monoxide? A lethal, invisible, scentless  vapour?

Would not adding an oxygen molecule also change the structure of that molecule and make it something other than water?

Help me, all you chemists out there!

Explain to me the mysteries of "Oxygenated Water"

Enquiring minds want to know!


  1. LOL @ Lauralea.

    Water = C02


    Water = di-Hydrogen Oxide


    CO2 is a gas at normal ambient temperature and pressure.

    Gasses can be dissolved in water.

    CO2 dissolves in water.

    Oxygen dissolves in water too - that's how fish survive.

    Fizzy drinks have CO2 dissolved in them - when you release the pressure then the gas comes out of solution as bubbles. (BTW CO2 also has stimulating effects on your nervous system, giving you a mild 'high' when you drink carbonated drinks).

    There's no reason you couldn't dissolve Oxygen (O2) in water in the same way, except that Oxygen in high concentrations if very reactive, and could be dangerous.

    There you go. I'm just an ordinary country Immunologist, but I can maybe help explain a coupla things.


  2. Toni beat me to the punch, although I wouldn't have been nearly as scientific about it.

  3. So, I maintain that H2O - water- would NOT be water if oxygen molecules were added to it. Correct? Is it possible to add oxygen to water? If so, what does it become? THIS is the question.