Thursday, September 29, 2005

Trying Out The Lap Top!

Well, more accurately, it's a Table- Top...

I have with me my used Notepad, complete with manually digitized lead-filled stylus. It works a treat, and folds up to next to nothing for complete portability- it even fits in my fairly small purse, together with the pharmaceutical cocktail in a small phial that I carry around with me, and the Dimetapp sample bottle filled with sugar free vanilla syrup...wait


Much better. I almost forgot again; although, note to self, add the vanilla syrup to the Tim Horton's coffee before adding extra sweetener.

I'm meeting a friend here for coffee at 10:00 am

It's 10:20.

Well, it's 10:20 now that I've turned my watch the right way round. A few minutes ago it was 4:50. That  confused me for a bit.

I'm better now.

So, I'm thinking she...

..........a) forgot our date

..........b) thought it was for 10:30

..........c) had a crisis this morning and tried to call but I had already left

..........d) left a message with one of my children last night

I think I'll hang around here and drink the rest of my coffee- my vanilla coffee, and if she's not here by 10:35 or so I'll mosey over to Wal-Mart to check out the shoes. I'm not sure I want to wear my boxy little boy's size 4 shoes this winter. With arch support inserts they're dead comfy, but... I don't know, I'm craving a different style this autumn. Something a little more sophisticated. We shall see.

The biggest drawback to this system would appear to be it's downloading capabilities. It's not quite compatible with our home computer, so the transfer of data takes more time than it should!

Unless I type really fast.

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