Thursday, December 29, 2005

End Of Year Drivel

Lovely "Spring-like" weather outside.


New slippers from Hillary make my feet feel very cozy, and me very lazy.

New dish cloth from Micah works a treat, and the thin no-sugar-added mints are my favourite. The new scissors have my name on them, and they'll stay in the kitchen!

Some beautiful hand-made wood working from Thomas' shop class. He did a good job.

No-sugar-added treats in my Christmas goodie bag; very sweet. Made me feel loved.

First recipe from the new, highly anticipated and most highly recommended "Graham Kerr's Simply Splenda" cookbook turned out really well. Very yummy sponge cake; turned it into a chocolate sauce adorned custard roll with whipped cream. Mmmm.

Beautiful new artwork to enjoy; Gorgeous winter scene painting,  by a lovely friend from church, given by my Husband. I will cherish and admire it. Amazing pencil drawings, by Johanna. I Love her simple, sultry self-portrait. Beautiful. Awestruck and humbled by the needlework pieces from my sister Gaylene. A beautiful denim pillow, with Bambi on one side and a daisy on the other, and a very cute reindeer hanging- the most well embroidered satin stitching I think I've ever seen. I love that people I love made these things for me. They are beautiful on many, many levels.

Had a friend over for tea on Tuesday. I have a friend, to have over for tea. That makes me happy.

Have a test to study for, tomorrow morning, 'cept I probably can't really study for it. It's a glucose-tolerance test. This should give us something more definitive to work with. I have a premonition that I won't feel very well for a few hours tomorrow morning.

Completely understand, and have been humming under my breath, several lines from "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas".... And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again...

Blew candle wax down the front of my favourite sloppy sweater-shirt.

I love having burning candles in the front window, and on the shelf in the corner of the room. I think it might give weary travellers hope as they commute to work or home, in the twilight or dusk of the day.

Some really cool gifts from friends; so thoughtful with tea and sugar free jam.

A lovely surprise with this morning's post;  Sainsbury's Special- a box of biscuits and coffee from Oxfordshire England. Thank you, Ertls!

Had an eyelash crisis a while ago. Think it's gone, but the scratch lingers on. Irritation.

Thinking about heading into Saskatoon for the final leg of our Open House journey. Had some personality concerns this morning, but I think they'll be fine. Children, that is. Raging hormones all around. (think 11 years, 15, 17, 18...)

It will be nice to get away for some "Us" time this evening. Even if it's just "us" for the drive in and back. That's still three hours of uninterrupted quiet.

Last minute things to do. Take Micah to buy his fish....Can you take me to the store today? How about now? Now? Please, can you take me to the store today?...get some oil for the lamp...

Getting ready to go. Maybe I'll see some of you at O'Shea's later.

Bring a good joke or two.


  1. Glad it arrived - I felt guilty afterward that there's little in the way of thing you can enjoy in there, but I guess a small slice of Panettone is tolerable. That coffee works really well in a cafetiere (which I know you have) and is some of my favourites.

    Wishing you a more comfy eye and a peaceful household today.

  2. Made some Italian Blend for brunch. (Together with a sample of each cookie... Mmmm! I figured I'm still on the glucose high anyway, might as well slide in a few sweets.)

    Good coffee : )

  3. (Hand knitted cotton cloth)