Sunday, December 11, 2005

That's The Way The Cookies Crumbled

So, Meg and Karen made some sugar cookies for us. The Sugar Eaters said they were very good.

I took their word for it.

I noticed that they were not as thin as the sugar cookies I tend to make.

I make them thinner, because that's how I like them best.

I was thinking, as they were eating their cookies, that I should probably not make them so thin, since I'm not eating them anymore.

Randall especially liked them. He said they were a lot like the cookies his Grandma used to make.

I said that after the Open House this week I can make another batch.

"Do you really like them thicker?" I asked.

"He must," said Thomas, (the fifteen year old)

"He married you."

At least he had the good grace to blush!

(I was laughing too hard to throw anything at him)

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