Friday, December 9, 2005

Try Again.

Don't know what kind of Devil work was going on with the keyboard there. Very strange.

I got the holy water and the crucifix out and it seems to be better now.

I was going to say I wished the windows could be opened; The normal highs for this time of year are -11 C. Today it's already 6 degrees. That's + 6.   PLUS.

The lows for this time of year are -21. Tonight we're looking at -2 C.

I want to go find some leaves to kick in the park. I want to go fly a kite. I want to make a paper boat and float it in a puddle.

Sure not in the mood to bake sugar cookie stars!

Maybe if I turn down the furnace, then open the doors...

Merry Christmas, and Happy Reprieve!

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