Monday, January 23, 2006

Home Again, Home Again

Jiggedy jog.

Well, there were three polling stations at the polling place I was working.

We were given 375 ballots and had 149 people turn up to vote. I think it actually worked out to less than 40% of the people on our voter list.

SO, we had a pretty easy day compared to the other two polls.  There seemed to be a lot of younger people voting. Many first time voters, so that's a good thing.

But, I'm glad the day is over.

It started FAR too early.

I had the alarm set for 6:00, but was awakened just after 4:30 by a persistent thumping on the wall behind our bed.

It was Hillary using her long stick to signal someone. She'd started throwing up and needed assistance.


So, I helped her, and was back in bed by 4:45.

Then I listened to the cuckoo clock chime 5:00.

Then I heard one cuckoo to signal the half hour.

Then the alarm went off.

Thomas had his head in a bucket at 6:30.

At least Micah is better today. He went to school, and Thomas was able to write his math final this morning, but Hillary didn't make it.

Poor blighters.

I think I'm still fairly lucid for putting in more than 18 hours today.

Oh- and we did indeed see a good bit of activity first thing in the morning. The first voters were there just after 8:00, not being aware that the polls didn't open til 8:30. It was slow but steady all morning, with a surge in activity around 2:30 that peaked around 4:00 and tapered off to a trickle by 7:00. So, maybe I have a bit of the prophetic in me.


Good night, sweet prince.


  1. A new experience to be talked about to your grandchildren to be sure. As for me, other than the new experience thing you had, I wished you didn't need to get more cash.....I trust Randall's latest sermons will soon be "heard" by all who "hear". Blessings as you walk your day my friend.


  2. Don't kid yourself Sharon, she's saving up her cash for some kitchen equipment!!