Monday, January 9, 2006

Life Is Poppin'

I must say that I LOVE the new popcorn popper.

We got it for Christmas from my Mom and Dad, and it's a dome-lidded oil popper, called a "Stir-Crazy", with a little motorized stick on the bottom that rotates and keeps the popcorn kernels moving.

It works so slick.

I think we've had popcorn at least every other day since Christmas.

Last night I tried out the "butter melter" on the top, and it worked pretty well too. (the idea being that while the popcorn is popping, the butter in the butter well melts and drips down over the popped popcorn, popping it and buttering it at the same time.) Just sprinkle on salt and you're good to go!

SO much better than that smelly microwave stuff!


  1. stop it, you're making my mouth water!

  2. oh i so want that... where did they get it????

  3. WestBend Stir Crazy Corn Popper, from WalMart.


  4. funny... before i read your post i went out looking for a new popcorn maker... i tried wal-mart and they don't have any. no surprise... we have a pretty pathetic walmart

  5. Wait a few months : )