Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Number Of The Day


Lists of four: (courtesy of Linea)

Four Jobs I've Had:

1. Credit Bureau File Clerk

2. Pontiac-Buick Car Dealership Receptionist

3. Chamber Maid

4. Bible School Music Teacher

Four Movies I Can Watch Over And Over:

1. Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

2. Guys And Dolls

3. Arsenic And Old Lace

4. Back To The Future

Four Places I've Lived:

1. Prince George, British Columbia

2. Sexsmith, Alberta

3. Aylmer, Ontario

4. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Four TV Shows I Love:

1. Corner Gas

2. Bargain Hunt (British)

3. LoveJoy (British Mystery)

4. Yes, Minister/Prime Minister (British Comedy)

Four Places I've Vacationed:

1. California, USA

2. Alaska, USA

3. Yukon and Northwest Territories, Canada

4. Broadview, Saskatchewan

Four Of My Favourite Dishes:

1. The blue and white china serving bowl with the lid from Grandma Friesen

2. The colorful Mexican fruit bowl/plate from my friend

3. Any of the set of J & G Meakin Autumn leaf china serving plates and bowls ( a garage sale treasure)

4. Any of the pink rose china, which was a Wedding gift from Doc Willis

: )

Four Sites I Visit Daily:

1. Randall Friesen

2. Merriam-Webster Word Game of the Day

3. Environment Canada, Prince Albert weather

4.Turner Classic Movies Canadian Program Guide

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:

1. The Bison Cafe

2. A cruise ship heading anywhere

3. An airplane on the way to Europe

4. In Broadview, playing Canasta and drinking tea with my Mom...then going out to the Chinese restaurant for supper.

Bloggers I Am Tagging: (I'll just tag the one)

1. Robyn


  1. LOL! Great dish choices!

  2. Yes, I too particularly enjoyed your dishes! =) Have you ever checked on ebay to see if they have more of those ones that you picked up at the garage sale? *just curious...I'm a bit of an eBay junkie..hehehe*

  3. We use to go to Winnipeg, Manitoba all the time as kids. It was the "big city" close (about 150 miles) to us. We'd always go to the zoo, ballet in the park, Rainbow Stage, Portage Place, that military fort and of course, the Spaghetti Factory. I don't think we knew it was a chain at the time; it was just THE restaurant for us. On the other hand, it could have been the one place my parents knew we could go where the kids would eat a good meal while the parents could still have a glass of wine or two. Man, this makes me want head up to Winnipeg right now!

  4. When is the number of the day "3"? I'm an English major. We know more about "3" than the math and science gang. I'm more comfortable with 3. Lemme know.