Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Hey Abbot....

I been a baaaad boy.

Or girl, as the case may be.

Van trouble this morning.

Husband went out to clear the snow off the van preparatory to leaving for his first meeting of the day.

Husband came back in with a shredded soda can.

Can had been ripped apart by exploding ginger ale.

All over the inside of the van.

It froze last night, I mean, really froze, for the first time in a long time.

Apparently pop...pops when it freezes.

So, he spent half an hour cleaning frozen soda from the interior of the van.

The worst thing was, personally speaking, that it was a diet ginger ale.

No one drinks diet ginger ale but me.

He came in with the evidence and asked if I knew anything about it. It must have been the one that was in my coat pocket on Sunday afternoon. I took it along to the activity at the church, but I didn't drink it. It was still in my pocket when we came home. It must have slipped out. I knew it wasn't in my pocket when I went out later, but thought I must have taken it out. Guess I didn't.

If you'll excuse me... I need to pack a few things for the trip.

The guilt trip I've been on all morning, that is.


  1. The good thing is that diet drinks are MUCH less sticky than normal ones. There's no sugar - usually only aspartame or similar - and that doesn't leave a horrible tacky coating on everything.

    Be glad it was yours.

  2. And at least it was diet Orange or Grape Crush. That would be bad.

  3. Oh man, do I have a story about pop in cars. There used to be a "Pop Shoppe" here in P.A. We bought a whole case (glass bottles, no less)and left them overnight (at -30C) in the back of our station wagon. That car was never the same again......orange, grape, cream soda....glass! It was not a pretty picture.