Saturday, February 4, 2006

Shuffle Shuffle Step Turn

Shuffle Step Slide Step

Woke up this morning wondering why on earth my thigh muscles were so sore.

Then  I remembered yesterday.

Yesterday I found out that my Cholesterol numbers are excellent.

Yesterday I found out that my fasting glucose numbers are within the normal range for the first time since last March.

Yesterday I found out that my Metformin tablets seem to be working.

I found out that if you're with the same partner for a long period of time that you don't necessarily need a pap test more than every three years.

I found out that my liver, thyroid and kidneys seem to be functioning normally.

I found out that I still have no reflexes (which, my Doctor assured me, does not mean I am dead).

I found out that I walk about 2 miles per hour.

I found out that walking outside for two miles in the Winter in Northern Canada causes you to walk differently than you do when walking in Northern Canada in, say, the Summer- or at any other time of year.

Winter walking tends to be Tighter.

Winter walking tends more toward a Shuffle.

Winter walking leaves you looking like a frail and frightened Senior Citizen and leaves you longing for a spiky  legged  walker, or at the very least cleats.

Winter walking lends itself to sore thigh muscles.

So, excuse me, while I get out my soft shoes and practice my routine.

Now, where was I....

Shuffle Shuffle Step Turn

Shuffle Slide Shuffle Step


  1. Ah, but the SUN was shining so brightly you can't even remember thinking about your legs moving, right?

    A soak in a hot tub, or a hottub would be a great remedy, if you're looking for an excuse for a soak, that is.

    Just think, a glass of wine, bubbles, soft music, locked door, no kids, etc, etc, etc,...

    it's worth looking into!

  2. And the fan.

    You must turn on the bathroom fan.

    You must be able to say to all rabble rousers, "I'm sorry, I can't hear you. Go ask Dad. Go away. I said, I can't hear you."