Thursday, March 2, 2006

Angel Power

We lived in Winnipeg during the "storm of the century", so we'll always have that as a reference point for gauging snowfalls.

Even though the snow hasn't reached apocalyptic proportions yet, it still took almost 2 hours to drive the kids to school.

I went out at 8:20 to start shovelling, and we were driving by 8:30.

I was home around 8:45...well, almost home.

The van did a little slide step on the way into the drive, and I ended up getting a little too close to the snow covered back yard.

It had been hard enough to get out of the driveway, which backs onto the alley, but now I couldn't get the beast to go forward or backward.

Tires spinning just enough to make a pretty little ice well around the wheel...I was getting some good rocking action, but the elements conspired against me, and that thing was not going anywhere.

I considered phoning Mr. Arpin and requesting a contingent of grade 6 boys to come over with Micah to push his Mom out of the snow.

I considered leaving it there til spring.

I prayed  desperately for some angel power- push it please! From the front... from the back... from the front....

It took a good half hour, even with God's angel power.

After the van was unstuck, I spent an additional 45 minutes or so shovelling out the driveway, and part of the alley- enough to back out and get a running start at the street half a block away.

I hope.

I need a nap.

Thanks for the angel power God.

Thanks, Wayne, for being the angel.


  1. That's just no fun.

    Here's to the mom's of N. America who clear paths for their families to make it safely home!

  2. A whopper of a snow fall it, I'm content.

    So, uhhhhhh, where's spring........