Thursday, March 9, 2006

Snow Shovel Blues

In honour of yet another snowy March day, I give you

The Friesen FM Top 10: (In no particular order)

From Sylvia Tyson:

Here I go, once again, with my shovel in my hand,
I'm stuck in a drift on River Road,
And I swear once again, if I ever get it home,
My van won't go back down River road

Mama said, "Listen child, that old storm's just too wild,
You'd be better off staying in the house today,"
But I grabbed my keys and ran, took off in my old grey van,
Now I'm stuck in a snowbank just three blocks away.


You can shift, you can drive, You're a Canadian Guy
See that hole, where you've been, dig out the van again.

Friday night and the street-lights glow
Looking out at the swirling snow
All it takes is good snow tires, And a couple of beer
It's just ice, you can steer.
You're a middle aged, macho guy
Night is cold and the snowbank's high
With a bit of rock music, radio works fine
Wearing your fleece lined pants
And when you take the chance...

You are like Steve McQueen, lean and mean, not quite seventeen
Steve McQueen?! Feel the heat from the Absorbine...(jr.)
You can shift, you can drive, You're a Canadian Guy
See that hole, where you've been, dig out the van again.

Simon and Garfunkle:

Slip slidin' away. Slip slidin' away,
You know the more gas that you give 'er,
The more you slip slidin' away.

Andy Kim:

Rock it gently, rock it slowly, take it easy don't you know,
That rocking helps when you find yourself stuck in snow.

Johnny Cash:

How high is the snowbank, Mama, three feet high and risin'
How high is the snowbank, Pama, three feet high and risin'
Ain't no money in the Swiss bank stashed
18 hours of shovellin's passed
It's even buried in Johnny Cash
Three feet high and rising

Stealers Wheel:

Well, I don't know why we drove out tonight,
I got the feeling that something ain't right,
I was scared but tried that street on a dare,
Now I'm wondering how we'll get out of there,
Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right,
Here I am, stick in the snowbank with you.

Simon and Garfunkle:

Slow down, you move too fast,
If you don't you're sure to crash, just
Slippin' down the snowy street,
But when you're careful, life is groovy

Huey Lewis and the News:

We've had some fun, and yes we've had our ups and downs
Went down that snowy road, and here we are, spun around
Thought of bringing friends along, but no-one else took the bait
We should have just stayed at home, but now we know it's much too late
We were foolish, I confess
We were dumb, no dumber
None of our friends
Are in the same mess

Yes, it's true, (yes it's true) I am happy to be stuck with you
Yes, it's true, (yes it's true) I'm so happy to be stuck with you
'cause I can see, (I can see) that you're happy to be stuck with me

Johnny Cash:

I hear the snow plow comin'; it's rollin' 'round the bend,
And I ain't seen the pavement since I don't know when.
I'm stuck here in my driveway, and time keeps draggin' by.
But that plow keeps on a pilin'  the snowbanks three feet high.

Simon and Garfunkle:

When you're weary, feelin' small,
When tears are in your eyes I will dry them all.
I'll push you out, when you get stuck,
I'll bring my shovel round,
like cat litter on slipp'ry alleys, I will lay me down,
like cat litter on slipp'ry alleys, I will lay me down.


  1. Aah. That's good stuff. You are a woman after my own heart.

    When will people recognize our enormous lyrical talents and give us the millions we are do?!

  2. (It's more likely they'll make us go out and get a job, because we OBVIOUSLY have far too much time on our hands...)

    : )


    Most people can simply admit they bent their husband's car because they were out of control and slipped on a patch of ice.

    Can't they?


  4. No, no, no. You've got me all wrong!

    No cars were bent prior to the obsession displayed in this post.

    It is merely a reaction against the flippin' huge piles of frozen rain that have been wreaking havoc with our transportation routes and parking places.

    That's all.


  5. It has been a while since I have made up a good song from all ready written lyrics but...alas, I have had my creative juices dry up or something.

    Kuddos to you for an excellent collection of creative genius.


  7. Oh, brother;

    Where's the icon for the rolling of the eyes?

  8. People are wondering why I'm singing all these old songs while I've got me goin' girl!

    I just love your sense of humor (as I have told you at least 800 times before)!

  9. Hey, we're having a talent/fundraiser at our church nex week.... wanna be the "special" guest performer (emphasis on SPECIAL) I personally think you have a hit album (or is it CD) on your hands!!! :):):)

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