Friday, March 31, 2006

Tales Out Of School

Wednesday morning was spent at the music festival, variations on a "Band Instrument" theme at the Lutheran Church up the hill.

Woodwind solos, duets, trios and ensembles.

Brass solos, duets, trios and ensembles.

Mixed instrument duets, trios and ensembles.

You get the picture.

Our last child is involved in the festival scene, and it's fun to see how he and his classmates are improving.

Outside entertainment was provided by way of a juggler in the inside aisle.

Some wise-acre Mother brought her knitting along, to help while away the hours, and she couldn't manage all the aspects of her craft.

Pulling out the knitting needles was too much for her and she managed to dislodge the ball of wool, which popped out of her carry-all and rolled down the slightly sloped aisle between the pews.

Quite a spectacle, as she tried to keep a low profile while inconspicuously creeping forward 5 rows to bat the ball back up the hill where it could be firmly re-stowed out of sight.


Let's just say, I was glad I had it along, as the morning became WAY longer than I anticipated and what I expected to be an hour long performance and adjudication turned into a three hour concert.


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