Saturday, March 25, 2006

Two By Two

Some nice Jehovah's Witness Ladies came to the door this morning.

I say nice, because when I greeted them and said, "but I'm in the middle of something right now" they kept smiling and left me a teeny, tiny tract and said they could come back another time. I went back to stuffing the pork chops for supper.

Awkward interview deferred, but not avoided.

It got me thinking, though, how I knew they were Jehovah's Witnesses before I even looked at the Watchtower stamp on the back of the publication.

They were women.

Nice looking, middle-aged women.

The Jehovah's Witnesses are the only proselytizing group that sends out women- in our city, anyway.

You can be male, female, young, old (usually older than younger...) good looking or ugly and the Jehovah's Witnesses will take you and subsequently send you out in pairs, like our Lord sent out the Disciples.

Now, when you see a pair of good looking young men, walking down the street together- always neatly dressed with pressed, starched white shirts and shiny shoes,  you know you've got Mormon Missionaries.

If they're wearing new looking parkas and ear-warmers you know they're from far away- probably one of the warmer States.

The Witnesses at my door made me wonder why Mormon Missionaries are always young, good looking men.

I mean, I understand the whole "time of Missionary service" thing before they get started in the work/ family rat-race, but what do the really ugly Mormon boys do? Do they have to stay home in Utah (or wherever) and work in the publication office? Do they get to do Missionary Service too?  Maybe all Mormon boys are good looking?

Point to ponder.


  1. Maybe there aren't any ugly mormon boys.....

  2. You know all those years living down in the States, right down the street from all those Mormon boys I can't say I ever met an ugly mormon boy. Even the ones who converted from Christianity to Mormonism were still cuties. Maybe that is why they wait until they are past the awkward pimple filled puberty years.

    But I did know a Mormon girl who went and did her mission trip (good looking young girl too). I wonder if she got to go around and knock on doors with the good looking Mormon boys and if she did what did she wear?

  3. hey, lets be honest....attractive, single men coming to my door, to share there faith.....exactly what I have been looking for!