Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Joy In The Morning

Easter Morning's come again, the children's joy complete.

They're happy that our Lord's alive, but more glad for the treats.


With Easter fast approaching, my daughter said, "Hey, Mom,

You need to make a treasure hunt! Yeah, that would sure be fun!"


Since it's her last year with us, she's passing on this spring-

(Oh, just from high school education, not to Angel wings)-

I thought I would indulge her, and both her brothers too.

So, last night found me hard at work; by midnight I was through.


 Fifteen hiding places, for fifteen Easter treats

Meant fifteen little rhyming clues and six quick running feet.


Each child had his own trail of clues and each one found their prize

We had a "choc" full morning, and had a laugh besides.


I pray for you both young and old - for every girl and boy

An Easter full of Hope and Love, and Resurrection Joy.


  1. Very cool. I love easter treat hunts. And Jesus.... Better be sure to throw that in there....

  2. only one cream egg?

    next year, um in two years, I'd gladly trade the chunk of choclate for an egg or two; I don't even like chocolate all that much.

    (but thank you anyway. the stuff I've eaten so far has been delicious)

    :-D (that's a big, cheesy, and cute grin)

  3. From me, NO cream eggs! The crean egg and the marshmallow egg were from Nana. I'll send you a carton of cream eggs next year. If I buy them now, I'll get them with the after Easter discount, and I can mail them at Christmas so they'll be sure to be there by Easter.

    : )