Sunday, April 23, 2006

Reba, On Flying

Watched a bit of "Reba" just now.

Pretty funny show.

One of the characters had just come home, and was telling his wife about a conversation he'd had with the fellow next to him on the plane. (She's all grouchy because he had a good time while he was away, and doesn't seem to have missed her enough.)

Wife sarcastically says, "Yeah? What did you talk about? Did you show him how you can put a ping pong paddle in your mouth?"

He says, "Of course not honey. You're not allowed to bring ping pong paddles on the plane these days."


Well, I thought it was funny.


I threatened to bring War and Peace next time I flew, just to prove a point.

I figure a person could probably do a whole lot more damage with a hard cover copy of War and Peace than they could with a pair of knitting needles.

I also plan to fly with a pair of chopsticks or well sharpened pencils and a ball of wool next time I go anywhere.

And I will knit.

I think it must be the rebel in me.

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