Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What A Year

Well, I had a good birthday yesterday.

(None of you commenters missed it, Hillary was just anticipating the actual event a day early)

My Birthday celebrating started on Friday, when Linea took me out for lunch and gave me her poem. I requested a copy of it for my Birthday, and she printed one up with the perfect background photo... and it's beautiful. Completely captures thoughts and feelings I've had.

Randall gave me his present as soon as the kids evacuated to school.

("Ewww! That's not a present! Didn't he get you a real present?!" quoth the children)

We reminded them that he kicked in for the KitchenAid mixer.

Two gifts that keep on giving.

It didn't feel like a birthday, as such. I asked myself what I would like for breakfast? Lunch? Supper? Dessert? And then proceeded to make it. I made the kids have things like yogurt and toast, and instant porridge (which he LIKES- go figure) and I had a couple of leftover pancakes for breakfast. Then, Randall took me out for a BISON sized London Fog at the Bison Cafe, and he bought two bowls of their lunch-special soup to bring home. (very good, it was)

I had a nice relaxing afternoon, and puttered about making supper- delicious barbecued chicken breasts, and baked potatoes and a huge killer salad with everything I like in it. Randall did offer to make supper, but I preferred to do it... I said, "so it will be good" and that was probably the meanest thing I said all day! But it was good. The cream cheese- chocolate chip cupcakes I made for "cake" were very good. It was exciting to try something new... I did a Graham Kerr trick: Strain natural, unsweetened yogurt with no gelatin through a coffee filter (or cheesecloth) lined strainer. Discard the liquid whey, and use the firm yogurt cheese in place of cream cheese.  10 times less fat, and every bit as good. I was incredibly impressed with it. There's  a little yogurt cheese left, so I might make some cupcakes for our small group tomorrow night.

The kids all came up with thoughtful gifts. Hillary and Thomas went together for a new outfit- and it was encouraging that the size, which would have fit a couple of years ago, was too big. Micah bought me a Sudoku puzzle book and three bottles of flavoured, fizzy water, and half a dozen packages of sugarless gum, so I'm all set to travel out for Johanna's CBC graduation this weekend.

While the boys and their Dad fought WWII with Uncle Jeff, Hillary and I went to WalMart to exchange the outfit. We came up with a very cute ensemble- tank top and little sweater top that looks very smart with my black skirt and heels. (of course, anything looks smart with a little black skirt and heels, doesn't it?!)

All in all, it was a very nice day.

While I was out with Hillary my best friend from high school phoned to wish me Happy Birthday. I phoned her back and found that she is anticipating her own, very first, Birth- Day in August! What a surprise and a joy. She and her husband had pretty much given up hoping for a child! They will make EXCELLENT parents. That is one lucky kid.

I also thought again- I'm glad it's not me... and while I reflected on this profound thought, I had another, equally profound thought. I am glad it's not me, because that would be like starting over. I can be happy and excited for my good friend because she's starting.  Yay you two! You three!

Well, it's a new day, and I have a few things to do before Dixie and I meet at Digger's to celebrate our birthdays tonight. Mine was yesterday, and hers is tomorrow. We've both got Birthday gift certificates for a free meal, (which the restaurant sends out to people who've filled in a comment card... or Birthday club card... who can remember what it was!?) and we thought it was a good idea to use them together. Should be fun.

Happy Birthday, all you other April 24th people: Twyla, Scott, Marc from Switzerland... hope your day was as fulfilling as mine. 

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