Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Flip Flops and Flu

There's a pesky bug making the rounds.

Several friends have had it, or are in the middle of it.

The husband has had it.

I guess it was inevitable that I should also get it.

I've been drinking lots of hot liquids, and doing my best to cope without decongestants. (according to the Pharmacist the Sudafed makes your liver release enzymes that spike your blood sugar)

This afternoon I threw caution to the wind and started putting honey in my tea. I'm banking on it's healing properties. Tonight I mixed lemon juice and honey with hot water. Ah, sweet elixir of health.

If my joints would stop sending shooting pains throughout their neighboring appendages I could probably convince myself that I'm not as sick as I feel.

Oh, well.

Looking forward to another night of rolling from side to side for the resultant flow & blow of the gathering mucus. I sent the driving child on a tissue run after school. Bless her.

Meanwhile, younger son has been going, then not going, then going, then not going, then wanting to go, then not wanting to go, now wanting to go... on the Senior band trip.

We helped him decide once and for all this afternoon, so he's decided, once and for all, that he did want to go and he's grumpy because we're not letting him.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Less phlegmy at least.


  1. Brandy (or Rum) honey and lemon.

    Works a treat in our experience.

    Sitting up to sleep helps the 'flow' and keeps the sinuses drained.

    Nothing fixes the aching joints though.


    Hope you DO feel better today.

  2. You have my sympathies. I think I am now on the mend although I wish the head would drain and dry up. Let me know what is up for XSF Joy if you feel like I did last week.