Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's A Gloomy Day

And Hillary's Grad is just days away.

I don't think there is any correlation between those two things, I'm just making observations.

Every Date Day... or Sunday (which comes more regularly in this busy season) I perch on the corner of my bed, and gaze vacantly into the closet.

What to wear, what to wear.

I've been so lazy lately- for a long time, and so dispassionate about my wardrobe, that I haven't done anything about it for ages.

Prince Albert doesn't have a huge variety of really Fine Dining options, and those that exist are out of our range, but for very special occasions... like 20th Anniversary celebrations... and those don't come around every year.

My husband is the Senior Pastor of our church, and he and the Youth Pastor make up the entire staff... except for the lady who does the Janitorial work once a week... and they (Husband and Youth Guy) have been having their own "Office Party" to celebrate the year. I don't exactly know what is involved, but wives and fancy dress are not.

I think about "Wardrobe" at Christmas, but as there's no Office Party to go to, and as we've replaced the fancy Adult Christmas Banquet at church with a family friendly Christmas party there's been no need for a new dress- up dress.

And so, my  last two party dresses just hang in the closet, looking dejected and disconsolate month by month.  

Last year, when Johanna graduated, I thought about it again.

But I was busy trying to get her fancy dress to look like her dreams, so I didn't have much heart to do something new for me, and just made do.

Today I'm thinking it's time I cared a little more.

I'm getting tired of sitting on the corner of the bed, week by week, wondering what to wear when the occasion calls for something more than shorts or brown jeans.


I'm going to hie me to the sewing cupboard and look at my patterns.

I'm going to pull out the fabrics I've purchased because they're beautiful and I fell in love with them.

I'm going to choose a pattern... and I'm going to choose a fabric... and I'm going to clear off the kitchen table and sharpen my sewing scissors and I'm going to make a dress for myself to wear to Hillary's grad this weekend.

I'm going to be sewing this week.

Be warned.

If you're lucky I'll still feed you.

If not, well, you know where the fridge is.



  1. Hope it turns out just right and feels comfortable and beautiful.

  2. I hope you feel beautiful in it too...it must be wonderful to wear something you made yourself.

  3. And what color and type of fabric did you choose? Are you going long or mid-calf or short(er)? Full and sassy or sleek and sexy? Give us the goods!!! It's not that I'm NOT interested in Miss H or anything...