Thursday, July 13, 2006

And Then God Said

Let there be Dragonflies!

I have never seen so many dragonflies. There is an uberabundance of them.

They're a little scary- especially the strange orange colored ones, but


And so- I like dragonflies.

I also like bats for that reason, but I've never been able to discover how to get a bat to live in your belfry.

And I digress.

I, personally, believe it the presence of these large bugs of prey that have been making it possible to pick raspberries virtually unmolested by tiny, blood sucking, wing-ed pests. The hum of large wings has been keeping the whine of smaller ones at bay until late in the day.

Thank you for the dragonflies.


Raspberry & Blueberry pancakes... here we come!


  1. I've noticed the high number here too. I did not know they buffeted(ed?) on mosquitos, so now I'm very happy.

  2. One of my clients at work did some reading up on bats and set up a bat house in their yard. She said that they have had a couple of bats inhabiting it for the last couple of summers and they sure take care of the mosquitoes. They live on an acreage, not sure how many bats there are in the city.

  3. Have you seen these dragonflies up close? They're really quite cute. Well, kind of gross. But, their mouths are cute. Their lips are really wide and they chomp-chomp like an old man or a toddler. Very cute.

  4. oooh boy, we must have been working in different raspberry patches...i got mauled by mosquitoes when picking yesterday, there were almost enough of them to pick me up and carry me off to their lair in one piece!