Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Know I'm Short

But really!

Where's the respect?!

Where's the awe and adoration?

I'm in the process of frying some ground beef for chili, to make chili- cheese nachos for supper.

Thomas began waxing eloquent on the beauty of having a refrigerator that would be eternally stocked with cooked, roast deer meat and cooked ground beef.

I think he's hungry.

His Sister wondered what the point of that would be, and got into some of the subtleties of seasoning ground beef for different dishes.

Thomas expostulated that it's a magic fridge! There's a little midget inside seasoning the ground beef any way you want.


At which point Hillary, without missing a beat, said there's a little midget out here doing that already.


There are how many days til school starts?

Good thing they didn't get their sense of humour from me! (in that I still have mine) 


  1. Well, I've been working on those anniversary dvd's for my grandparents and what I notice the most (besides all of our bad clothes) was how disrespectful I was of my parents -- esp. my dad. I think I referred to him as an "idiot", said "doy-doy -doy" when my dad didn't understand something, told him his driving was bad, and a myriad of other insults. Nice.

    Hopefully your kids will look back and feel as horrible as I do for some of the things they've said to you guys. One can hope. Just think of the horrible guilt they'll have in a few years (probably when they have their own kids) and take heart in that.


  2. I just wish we had video tapes of them calling us the names too.

    And i do hope that one day they "Get it."

  3. Hillary's comment wasn't insulting, it was inspired!

    Absolutely hilarious!

  4. That's what I thought, too, Chris! Pretty funny. They keep life interesting!