Sunday, July 2, 2006

Mayhem And Mishaps

It's been that kind of week.

Tuesday afternoon, as we were checking into Howard's place, I decided to use the washroom. 

I looked around and saw that there were only two sets of towels- two washcloths, two hand towels, two bath towels.

I thought we'd have to ask for at least one other set, as Thomas always showers in the morning, and the boys would be with us for the night.

Then I thought, Oh, I'll just use Randall's towel, as he usually showers at night.

Then I thought, Wait- something's wrong with this picture... I shower in the morning, and after using the towel, I slip on my warm bathrobe... I didn't bring a robe! Wait a minute... I didn't bring pajamas! Well. This could be interesting, what with sharing a room with the 12 and 16 year old boys...

I thought I could have a little fun messing with their tiny brains... "Don't look! I'm getting up!" At which point they'd scream and pull the bed covers over their heads. "Oh, no, sorry! False alarm." ... "Oh- wait! I'm getting up now!"... every five or ten minutes or so, just to keep them really off balance.

I had the victory over that though, and borrowed a nightgown from my mother in law. We decided we want Grand and Great-grand children so we wouldn't scar them for life. 

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