Saturday, July 22, 2006

Who's On First?

Hey, I might be able to get you a ride to Saskatoon next week. Instead of taking the bus.

Oh, but I wanted to take the bus.

I know, but this will save us bus money.

Who's the ride with?

Erik Lanoie.


Erik. Erik Lanoie. Linea's son. The one who's going to be a lawyer.

Oh. Is he the one who has the landscaping business?

No, the one who's going to be a lawyer.

Does he drive that big truck?

I think he drives a car. I think it's David who drives the truck.

Who's David?

David- Linea's son, David... the one with the landscaping business.

Which one is he?

David? He's the one who's a little thinner. He has shaved hair like yours. And a wife and a son.

He has a wife? He doesn't have a wife.

Yes he does- they were at church on Sunday. She's the pretty girl, -thin, short blondish hair, glasses...

I don't know who you mean.

You know Kierran?

Kierran?! From the preschool playroom? (which he helps out with Sunday mornings)

Yes. Kierran is David's son.

David has a son? So who will I get a ride with?

Well, I'll talk to Erik on Sunday.

Who's Erik?

Erik Lanoie!!! Linea's son.

Which one is he?

He's the bigger guy- more hair, glasses... Massa's friend... Linea and Massa and Erik sang together on Sunday.

Is he Johanna's boss?


The Landscaping business. Does he own that?

NO! That's David.

Is he Indian?

What do you mean?! He might have brown eyes and a tan... do you look Indian? You have brown eyes... what has that got to do with anything?!


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