Monday, August 21, 2006

Half Full Or Half Empty

We took Hillary to the City today.

Box-spring and mattress, armchair, shelves, bench, desk and chair, body pillow, bedding, foamy, boxes and boxes and boxes, bags and bags and bags...

We made it in one trip.

Two vehicles, but one trip. 

We are very good packers.

We left her new room in total disarray, but she's got 2 weeks before classes start, so she's got lots of time to set things right.


It was a very different good-bye from last week's.

I think seeing Johanna off at the airport was a lot harder.

She went from the familiar, to the unknown while her Sister is going from one known to another, albeit less familiar, known.

One is putting her life on hold for a year to have an adventure, while the other is beginning life.

One is beyond intervention or help, should anything go awry, and the other is only an hour and a half away, with a Grandmother and two Aunts nearby.

It was much harder than I thought it would be seeing Johanna off, but it was almost exciting getting Hillary moved and taking her to buy her first groceries. Reminiscent of getting my own first place.

I was joking with Hillary that after we left her in Saskatoon she'd do a dance of joy in her room, and we'd come home and do a dance of joy in her room.

But I know I'll miss her.



So, is the house half full, or half empty?

Time will tell.


  1. Lauralea,

    Last night I was trying to head upstairs to bed at about 10:30. I then was asked by Sara to help her with the buns she decided to make. I just about had that figured out - she used regular yeast instead of the Fermipan stuff and the dough had funny bumps - when Massa came home and so his food was heated up. Then before I escaped to my room, Rachelle and Asen drove in from their camping trip to drop off the canoe. Eric and Michelle came home about then cause they are staying with us right now.

    Don't count on them staying away!

  2. One lives in hope.

    (and that is an intentionally ambiguous comment!)

  3. Half full or half empty... you make the call.... but it sounds like the condo is 2/3 full (and I'll be there in less than a week!)!!!! :o)

  4. Saying good bye to Johanna, must have been difficult.....very difficult. I'll be talking to God about that 'cause he's the only one that can ease the feelings of your heart.