Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm Getting Motivated

Only two more days til our Girl becomes an "Au Pair".

I had thought about making her an idea book- things to do with children, games to play, crafty things to do, recipes to try... but I was pretty sure she'd find a way to not have room in her suitcase for it.

Then I remembered that I have Kid Stuff set up on the side here... so I'm a little motivated to start adding things to that section.

Just so you know!

There may be an increase in the Kid Stuff type posts for awhile, and it's not because I'm entering my second childhood.

Don't think I can until I leave my first!


  1. I understand how difficult it is, but the two of you have been fantastically good about it. What time is she off - I'll try to pray for you guy around then.

    Y'know, I fell a little like Janet when she said "everyone always flys over Sask to get to the other parts of Canada". Johanna will be flying over us on her way to Switzerland.

  2. Her plane is scheduled to take off at 2:00 pm Saskatchewan/ Canadian Mountain time. We're still trying to figure out Swiss time... 8 hours ahead of us? Great Britain is 7 hours ahead til the Autumn time change.

    Yup. She'll be flying over you some time Thursday night. Thanks for the prayers.

  3. It's funny, but I was out on the bike in the Chiltern hills with a friend tonight. About 7ish I remembered she was flying out, and just had a gentle word about you guys.