Saturday, September 16, 2006

He Turned On The Furnace Today...

And the sad and frightening thing is...

I let him.


  1. Ah yes. To live in the sunny south. We never actually turn off our furnace here in Yellowknife - it just seldom runs in the summer months. I was noticing last week that it had started to kick in more regularly though. It's a balmy +12 today though.

  2. Ha! You've got us beat! It hasn't been above 6* since... at least Thursday! Right now, it's 5*. With rain. And wind. A little chill.

    : )

  3. You're lucky. Steve's supposed to come and clean our ducts and furnace next week (hopefully early in teh week!), so we don't want to turn it on until then. I had 3 sweaters on yesterday and still wasn't warm. Hmm... maybe that's why we all have a cough and sore throat today!!

  4. last year you wouldn't let me turn on the furnace till oct. but this year i pay the rent. the only problem is i don't know where the thermostat is....