Monday, September 4, 2006

It's SO Quiet...

Everyone's still abed.

We've been trying to catch up; to recuperate from Summer Vacation.

Ironic, that.

Getting sucked into a Discovery Network show reliving the World Trade Center disaster, that doesn't end til after midnight doesn't help anything.

Ah well.

It's my oldest child's birthday today.

I think it's the first birthday that she's been away from home- no, I think I lie; last year we put her on the bus with all her stuff and sent her off to  Covenant Bible College in Alberta, before her birthday.

She's Nineteen today. (It doesn't look so old if you write the numbers out!- forty-three... doesn't look as threatening as "43"...)

I had a crisis when I turned 30... thirty... (see,  it still looks better), although 40 came and went without much emotional wrangling. Last year I had a bit of a crisis over our 20th Wedding Anniversary... OLD people are married twenty years, how could we be married 20 years?! 

So, I'm wondering if I should begin therapy soon, to prepare for my children turning 20.

THAT is a strange, strange thing... having children who are in their twenties.

And you know that once they start, there's no going back!

Next year's the first, then the next year's another... then we get a year off for good behaviour, then the third one joins the 20-something crowd... in less than 4 years 75% of my children will no longer be teenagers.

It's a weird and wonderful thing, having children.

It's almost magical the way they can grow up and get older... and you, yourself don't!

Happy Birthday, Johanna Joy.

"Johanna"- God's gracious gift.

"Joy"- Delight.

You were, you are and you continue to be.

We love you.


  1. in fact this is my first birthday away from home. Except for that one time you guys left us at the Loseth's and went off somewhere far away...terrible parents....

    last year I took the overnight bus, remember? and missed all the opening stuff at CBC, got there at 8 in the morning, just in time for classes. Remember? we went to saskatoon and celebrated my birthday before I left.

    You must be getting old...bad memory and all...

  2. Well, they say "memory" is the second thing to go. Now, what was the first thing again....?

  3. Funny you mentioning 30 being a crisis point - was for me too. 40 wasn't anywhere near so bad: I'd just got used to the idea of not *looking* young by then.

    But darn it, there's a grey-haired stranger in the mirror these days. :-(