Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Big Wheel Keep On Turnin'

The second "throwing" class went better than the first.

It only took 2 tries to get something off the pottery wheel that looked like... something.

I think it's a toothbrush holder.

Or a tumbler.

I guess we'll see how much imagination I have on Thursday when we try trimming... (that's turning the thing upside down on the wheel, and using a little instrument with a looped wire piece on the end to shave off the excess, slightly hardened clay, shaping and smoothing it out)

I'm not quite as tired as I was last week, after the first wheel turning class... but still pooped enough to call it a day.

I got to bring my cookie press home today.

It was "fired" over the weekend.

I'm quite pleased with it... I may have to try some shortbread or sugar cookies tomorrow to see how well it works!

And so the thinking part of my brain has just shut down.

It must be time for bed.

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