Thursday, October 26, 2006

The End Of An Era... Or Just The Beginning?

Our last pottery class is over.

I brought home the wonky bowl and the wind chimes.

The wind chimes need to be assembled, but I think they'll be kind of cool.

Chunky, but cool!

The wonky bowl, though... to one of the children, to share in my achievements as I've shared in their wonky bowl achievements... or to the parents, to sit beside the other wonky bowl I made in a grade school art class? ... decisions, decisions...

I did two projects of which I am very proud.

I turned a perfect cookie press on the wheel, and then carved out a snowflake shape. I think it will make very pretty cookies. I hope that the design is deep enough to stand out even when sprinkled with sugar.

I also make a Celtic cross for Randall. I really like it. Both the cross and the cookie press need to be fired in the kiln yet, and our instructor recommended putting a clear glaze on the front of the cross, so they're not quite finished.

I will also get my pottery teapot, but not the way I thought I might.

Our Instructor was so impressed with my Celtic cross that she first said, "You could manufacture those!", and then she said if I made one for her she would buy it. I suggested a trade...a teapot for a cross. She was very enthusiastic, so it looks as though we have a deal!  She said she has three teapots I can choose from. 

Very exciting stuff. Maybe Randall will post a picture of his cross when it's done- possibly next week.

So ends the day.

We enjoyed the class. It was a really good introduction to pottery, as it covered many different techniques. We had a shot at the wheel, and at hand building... and carving! I think I'd like to keep at it. I'd really like to get better at the wheel... maybe make my own teapot someday!

For now, though, I'll try to get powered up for the weekend.

Tomorrow means doing some baking for the Church Ladies' major bake sale on Saturday. I was able to get some sugar cookie dough in the fridge this afternoon. Maybe I can get some ghosts and pumpkins happening.

Next week means the School's Halloween Tea and Bake Sale, and the start of the babysitting course, both of which I'm coordinating.

One day at a time.


  1. Hey. I'm assuming that this teapot from your instructor is going to be a useable teapot (and not merely decorative). WHen you're picking yours out, put some water in them to see how they pour. We bought a teapot from one of Marc's friends in Caronport a few years ago (a professional -- he's REALLY good). He said the teapot was a bit wonky, as he hadn't done a whole lot of teapots. BUt we liked it and we bought, and it doesn't pour well at all. Luckily, it looks nice above our kitchen cupboards. So, if you can't decide. Check how they pour!

  2. Very good point, Dixie. I'll try to remember that and not be swayed by a splendidly colored glaze or great shape! I'm sure the teapot will be for function, as the instructor has been creating and selling for over 15 years, I think she said, so I'm very hopeful. Very excited!

    Psst.... wanna buy a Celtic cross?

    : )

  3. you should send me a cross with my skirt.

    within two weeks...

  4. Think clay. Think heavy. Think postage.

    Think not.