Thursday, October 12, 2006

Intensely Centered*

(* the first thing you have to be able to do, to make something on a potter's wheel, is Center your clay... meaning, make it steady and solidly in the center of the wheel- no wobbles, no wonkiness)

At one point I quipped that I wouldn't make a good Buddhist, because I was unable to get centered.

I can't believe how tired I am.

And this after just a couple of hours at the wheel.

I was expecting my arms to be a little sore, due to the pummeling of the clay and the actual holding of the clay on the wheel, but my legs! I can't believe how tired my legs are!

I must have been far too intense about it all!

We sat on an upturned bucket with a little seat placed atop it, and straddled the wheel, with our elbows tucked in to our body. The body steadies the elbows, which steadies the arms, which steadies the wrists, which steadies the hands (you get the idea)... and anchoring my whole being, were my little legs- one balancing on the speed pedal, and the other stiffly tip-toed to the floor.

I felt a little shaky when we were walking out, after clean-up, but the longer I'm sitting here, the more fatigued I'm feeling!

My respect for my pottery instructor has risen immensely. Pottery is hard work!

At the end of it all, I have a warped little ... bowl. Yeah, that's it. A bowl... it doesn't look at all like an ash tray...

The third try was the charm.

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