Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pottery Class: The Sequel

Tonight I felt a little better prepared.

We're still working on... how did she call it... hand pressed? hand formed?... objects d'art.

There was some sculpting going on; some more slab making and molding.

Me? I spent the entire 3 hours carving at a piece of clay that I formed last class into a "stamp".

I made mine really big, thinking maybe I could use it for a cookie press.

Someone recognized the emerging snowflake design, so I think it went pretty well.

It turned out a lot less symmetrical than I had planned, but it still looks alright.

On Thursday we're going to try "throwing" on the wheel.

Could be interesting!

I haven't done any sculpture type things yet though, so if I crap out at my first wheel attempts, I can always roll me a slab and make a sculpture. I think if I made it as per explained technique, (thin slab of clay molded over scrunched up newspaper to give it shape) and did some cool holes in it, I could turn it over and make it a votive candle holder.

I think my only problem with the pottery class could be that I need everything to be useful. 

I don't want to be making things that are supposed to hang on the wall, or sit on a shelf just to be there.

A bowl that I could put fruit in? Good.

A wind chime that I can hang outside? Sure.

A candle holder? Fine.

A snowflake shortbread press? Excellent. 

My secret ambition is to make a tea pot.

I think the cookie press has potential, and the chimes will be funky when they're done.

Anyway, so far so good.

And we are having fun yet! 

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