Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Grass Widow's Tale

Not only an excellent book by Ellis Peters, (aka Edith Pargeter), but also, anything I tell for the next two days.

Husband is gone to Alberta for Bored... I mean Board meetings.

This means?

We'll have stew for supper one day.

With dumplings.

Whole wheat dumplings.

We will probably be up too late every night.

We'll be a little lonesome.


We'll also be trying to finish the Swiss Daughter's grad dress transformation, in a fabulous rendition of "Beat The Clock".

We'll also be starting the Babysitting Course over at Micah's school.

We'll also be trying to finish off our pottery projects and make a few Celtic crosses.


Maybe we won't have time to be lonesome! 


  1. ooohhh...celtic crosses? I'm intrigued...

  2. right, I knew I'd have to re-read something. Found it and still interested!

  3. Talk to me Lisa! Since no one has probably moved the Arts Center building or the Pottery studio situated in the basement there... and SOMEONE AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.... has taken the extension cord that plugs in my sewing machine, you have a better chance of getting a Celtic cross than Johanna does of getting a new skirt...