Tuesday, November 7, 2006

My "Light In The Window" Campaign Has Begun

When the days get shorter and darkness is still heavy on us at 7:00 in the morning.... and when by 3:30 or 4:00 in the afternoon it has begun to hover...

I like to have a candle burning in the living room window.

The other day I lit the candle in the tall hurricane glass when the light started to fade in the afternoon.

And so it begins.

I don't know if anyone notices, but I like to think that the people who are on their way to work and school will see my candle and remember that winter is just a phase in the cycle of seasons. Light and warmth will come back.  

Maybe some poor soul on his way home after work, tired,  a little depressed because it's cold and getting colder, dark and getting darker will see my light shining out of the gloom and be cheered by it. Maybe someone will see the glow reflected in the glass and remember that they have a home waiting for them at the end of the road and the glow will spread to their heart and they'll feel lighter.

Light for lightness.

Glow for glow.

A candle for hope.


  1. I wish I drove by your place on my way home from work. I know it really would cheer me up after a full day. It's a nice tradition.

  2. that's such a great idea..