Saturday, November 11, 2006

Rolling Along

I don't mind being under a sort of house arrest... It's kind of nice to not have to go anywhere, and to not be expected to!

But, it looks like the reprieve may be over.

The van was towed away, and it seems to have been the battery, and not the starter. It's been jump started and is on its way home, where our amazing mechanic friend- I mean, who makes deliveries these days besides the pizza guy?!- will exchange it for the car.

Chores are done... main floor vacuumed and mopped, two toilets clean, and two bathrooms tidied.

Now I'm off to try an idea I had this morning; I have some mini-Celtic crosses here that I'm working on, but the slip/glaze has dried and it's too thin to etch the design on, so I'm going to try using a piece of the carbon backed paper that is in my Avon Order book...  


My life is so full.


  1. For some reason I remember that I have a whack of carbon paper around here somewhere if you need more.

  2. Thanks! I'll keep it in mind.

    : )