Monday, November 20, 2006

Stranger Than Fiction?


We screened the new Will Farrell movie tonight, and I think it's a keeper.

I've been looking forward to it for a few months now, and it was really good.

Very complex... multi-layered... intriguing...

It's like a Celtic knot... all twisted around in a seamless, everlasting circle... does the narrator dictate the coarse of Harold Crick's life, or is Harold Crick's life being narrated as he, himself lives and dictates it? Is he living a Comedy, (in which the girl starts off hating him, and will end up loving him) or a Tragedy, (in which, no matter what he does, he must die)... is the movie itself a Comedy or a Tragedy?

I'll be waiting for it to come out on DVD now, so I can watch it again for much less than the price of admission.

An amazing cast- I mean, Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman... and Will Farrell, who does an amazing job as the straight man (no underwear or naked running scenes in this one!).

I recommend it.

'Course, I'm not Siskel or Hiebert...


  1. Nope, Siskel and Hiebert you are not.

    Mostly because it's Ebert, not Hiebert, and Siskel has been dead for seven years.

    But yeah, a good movie.

  2. Yeah, we liked it too and consider it a "keeper".

    Those comedians are quite adept at serious roles, aren't they?

  3. Ha! And I looked it up and everything, because I knew I was spelling "Siskel" wrong! What a dunce!

  4. I thought you were joking.

    Incidentally, Dixie and I always refer to Ebert and the new guy as "Ebert and Roepert", even though his name is Roeper.

    Now that I've written this down, it doesn't seem all that funny.

    It makes Dixie and I chuckle, in any event.