Friday, November 17, 2006

What's My Motivation....?

The Babysitting Course is nearing completion.

We're meeting today at noon hour, and we're supposed to meet tomorrow for an hour and a half.

I'm really hoping we can cover the material quickly today, so we have time to review the first aid section.

If we can do that, we may not have to meet Saturday.

The Annual Santa Clause Parade is tomorrow morning at 11:00.

Our family tradition is to go downtown and watch.

It doesn't usually take very long! Especially if you find a spot near the start.

This year it will be just Micah, Randall and I, as Thomas is working.

I'm sure the girls will be heart broken!

I don't think it will be hard to convince the Babysitting class to cancel Saturday's session... the hard part will be convincing them to shut it and listen so we can get through what we need to in order to make that happen!

I also have to convince them to come to next Friday's class, at lunch hour, as there's no school that day... I had thought of making it later  so they can sleep in, or earlier so we could get it over with, but I think it will be the last class, and our final "Special Guest" is booked for that day so there can be no messing with the time.

And for now, I have to decide what kind of soup to prepare for the Youth Progressive Supper... I might have enough left-over Cabbage Borscht... but I also have a big pumpkin that could become soupy with a little encouragement...  Maybe the Borscht, with some fresh, warm Bread Sticks...

And for now, I have to clean up the breakfast dishes and put some seasonings on the steak for a dinner for two, sans enfants. (well... pre-beaucoup des enfants!- apparently up to 14).

And for now, I have to do my hair and look at the Babysitting Course books for today's lesson.

And for now I need a serious burst of energy... maybe even some motivational self-bribery to get started.


I'm too pooped to even think of a carrot to dangle before my slightly bloodshot eyes.

Any ideas?


  1. Candles, to go with those steaks?


    I don't think Johanna will mind not being there too much - suspect she'll have other things to occupy her.

  2. how are you doing without your girls there?

  3. Well... the main floor is less crowded, the boys burp and fart more, and the phone bill is bigger... I mostly miss them on Football nights. Hillary, at least, was often good for a board or card game!

  4. Last year's Santa parade was when we had Micah for the night... we got to downtown 15 minutes after the parade started and they were already taking the street closed signs down. That is one. short. parade. Maybe Marc will take Madeline to it tomorrow. (Although, grandma's store is a block away -- so maybe grandma or papa would take her.. and we could sleep in!)

  5. What do you mean, cancel a babysitter course day??? Don't you just savor each and every moment with our little darlings?? THAT is your motivation, girl....

    Just kidding, if you can make it less "torturous" I commend you!!