Friday, December 22, 2006

Mislay Toe

The joys of the season include Christmas Specials on television.

I am particularily fond of  PBS specials.

This morning we had our PBS channel on in the background while we were going about our business, and the Three Tenors were giving a concert with some Philharmonic Orchestra or other.

They sang their rendition of "I'll be home for Christmas", with their various accents coming into play.

I've heard this on the radio, and was reminded again, this morning, of the joy of singing in a language that is not your first!

As Pavarotti is singing his part in the song he belts out, "Please have snow, and mislay-to..." pronouncing  "mistle" as any self respecting Italian would!

Makes me a little nervous about all the German and French singing I've been doing lately!

Et Joyeux Noel, tout le monde!

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