Monday, December 4, 2006

The Twelve Days Of





Christmas! Right!

Only 12 days until the Friesen Open House.

Don't forget to buy your tickets!

(Just kidding. You don't have to buy tickets! Just mark it on your calendar and come!)

And don't forget "The Survey". If you have any favourite munchies, let me know!

 For now, it's List Making, Bill Paying, Tree Finding, Hall Decking Day.

I like making lists. I like having the bills paid. I like having the tree up and the decorating done... it's just actually doing the things on the list and paying the bills and putting up the tree and decorations...

Do they make a Motivation Pill?

Maybe "Charlie Brown Christmas", by the light of the newly lit tree tonight... or "Love Actually"...

Go! Get at it! 

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