Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Avon Backwards Is Nova

Well, the first day of school came and went.

The second day of school was harder... although I suspect that staying up well past midnight may have had something to do with not wanting to get up and out the door... but he's not quite 17 yet, so he's still learning these hard lessons of life!

And me? Myself?

Today is finish the laundry- make Christmas go away- vacuum and dust- mop the floor day.

Oh, and continue trying to solve The Case Of The Botched Avon Order.

What? Didn't I tell you?

While we were away in Saskatoon over Christmas, Canada Post left 4 parcel cards in our mailbox.

With great excitement I went to collect the parcels- to see what little surprises Santa had to post because they didn't fit in his sleigh!

There were 4 BIG boxes... from Avon Canada.

I was perplexed.

I was intrigued.

Had I won a prize?!

When I got the boxes home I investigated, and discovered an official looking purchase order... and  $340 of Avon products.

All square and above board- my district number, my account number and address... except that I hadn't placed this particular order.

And so begins the unravelling of the puzzle.

The District Sales Manager is on it now, but Avon Canada isn't returning my emails... makes me a little nervous!

If you hear of anyone who's customers are threatening to riot because their Christmas presents didn't arrive... let me know!

So for now, I'll put the roast in the slow cooker for supper, change loads in the washer, dig out the boxes for the tree and decorations,  vacuum around the boxes piled in the living room and wait for things to develop.


  1. All figured out now? Just curious.

  2. Nope.


    No clues!

    No word from the big wigs at Avon Canada in Quebec... no word from my district manager, who I know to be away until Sunday... ah well.

    It's got to belong SOMEwhere; we'll just wait it out!