Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So Endeth The Snow Day

The Husband braved the elements this morning, but I didn't have the heart to make Son The Younger walk to school, even though it's only a block away.

Son The Elder sincerely believed he could get out of the driveway to the street and thus to school, but would he be able to get back in again?! That was the question.

He didn't mind having a "snow day".  I think he was quite thrilled, actually, to be home because of the blizzard, as I heard him exclaim several times during the day, "I've never had a snow day before!" or "This is my first ever snow day!"

By 11:30 am I was phoning The Husband begging him to come home. I thought if he didn't come soon he might not be able to plow through the snow that was steadily drifting into the alley.

As it is, The Husband and Son The Elder have just come in from shovelling about 4 feet toward the alley behind the van.

It was just over 2 feet deep. Wind-packed, heavy and hard to shovel. They'll try to finish it in the morning.

At least a plowing vehicle did a sweep through the alley this afternoon. I suspect someone is anticipating the garbage truck tomorrow morning.

All in all it wasn't a bad day.

There's a kind of dreamy, surreal air about the place when you're hunkered down watching a storm like we had raging around the house. I have an East facing window and a North facing window, and it was from those directions that the wind seemed to be blowing. Much of the time we couldn't see the trees just across the narrow alley. Watching the snow as it blew was oddly fascinating. We could see the drifts being swept up ever higher- like waves caught in mid swell. And dried, twisted little leaves scuttling across the frozen breakers like miniature surfers. 

Now we have arctic temperatures to anticipate.

Today was a snow day, and tomorrow may be a windchill day.

Whatever the day tomorrow,  there'll be no more lolly-gagging around. It was pleasant to wait out the storm from the warmth of the house, teacup in one hand, M.C.Beaton mystery in the other. It was good to have everyone safely home, and to have three meals together, and feel as though life was on hold for a day, with nothing more pressing to do than monitor the level of the snowdrift that rose above the front door steps.

But life goes on.

And so ends the snow.

So ends the blizzard.

So ends Snow Day 2007.

At least this is Saskatchewan, where such things should happen- it's the poor schmucks in the lower mainland I feel sorry for. The snow, and power outages and absolutely insane weather they've been having there!

In spite of the winters, I still think Saskatchewan is the best place to be!  

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  1. dangit, I never got a snowday! And he's had two! (he got one in Winnipeg with that huge storm when Hillary and I were at Grandma's)

    I always miss the blizzards.

    And I never got a windchill day either....-54? no're going to school anyway...

    yeah, so maybe I am muttering to myself what?