Thursday, January 18, 2007

What The?!


Not only am I the victim of Avon Representative Identity theft...

But, aparently, the new me is French!

I just found a communication from Avon Canada in my In-Box that starts...

"Chere (Cher) MRS. LAURALEA FRIESEN, Maximisez vos revenus a la Campagne 9 avec l'evenement A combiner Anew ainsi que tous les produits de beaute offerts a bas prix inegales. Sortez donc votre carnet d'addresses  et envoyez vos courriels des aujourd'hui!" 

(It ends in French too, by the way!)

I mean, it's fun to get French emails, and I enjoyed having my gmail startup page in Spanish for a while, then in French for quite a long time... but really! What's going on over there?!

I'm getting slightly more concerned...

Although, on that note, if you know someone who might like a French Avon Brochure... let me know...



No sooner had I posted this, then I went back to the email program, only to find the same email but in English. This is truly getting very strange...


  1. 1 mL of Fenistil contains:

    1 mg maleate de oimetindene

    conservateur: parahydroxbenzoate de methyle

    teneur en alcool: 5%

    that middle part's in french, in case you didn't catch on.

    and the poor kid...I feel so bad for her. she slept all morning, didn't eat anything before it. woke up, ate some peas, but they hurt her mouth, so I tried to find something else for her. Yogurt hurt (I figured milk product, cool, but I guess it was too acidic), she didn't want to try some soft cheese, so she had some bread and butter and water.

    then I was putting on the creme, and it hurt, I guess. I don't know what it's for, but I'm supposed to put it on. It hurt, and she squirmed and whimpered, but she stayed put, and she waited for me to put it on, and she told me it hurt, but she didn't kick me or yell at me or anything. She's a pretty good kid, I think. and so pitiful right now.

  2. (Johanna's little girl in Switzerland has the Chicken Pox. Poor thing)

  3. Poor thing. I still remember my kids with Chicken Pox. Keep everything bland. Encourage her to drink lots of liquids. The sore mouth is from the vesicles inside it and down her throat. Some kids stop eating for a few days so they need to be encouraged to drink lots.