Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yesterday... I SLEPT....

I had an actual lie-down in the middle of the afternoon.

That was my second clue. (the first being the need for warm, furry and cozy...)

Today... I SLEPT IN... on a SCHOOL DAY... 

All the fates, (read: People of Male Gender in my family) conspired to leave me sleeping, and I didn't get up until 9:30.

I wish I felt like a million bucks now... although who really knows what a million bucks feels like? Probably dry and papery, in which case I actually do feel like a million bucks most days... but I still feel achy and ouchy. My stomach is still not sure how happy it is. My head still feels heavy and dizzy and just verging on achy.

I will probably sleep again.

But it sure goes against my grain to be so unproductive and slothful...

Ah, well. I think the analgesic has worn off. The pain in my back is getting worse again.

So, let's all raise a cup o' tea.

And down a couple of extra strength Tylenol.

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