Saturday, February 3, 2007

Busy And Counting

There've been viral aches and pains... there's been Recess Supervision to organize... there've been several children to talk off several ledges... there's been a Women's Retreat crisis... there's still an uncleared Avon account... there was an almost successful toasted coconut-banana-custard cream cake... there is yet Teacher Appreciation week to muddle through... there is a daughter yet  flying far away and returning... there are yet Women's Retreat workshop and devotionals to prepare... there are yet parents in Southern Saskatchewan and a Friend in Victoria to visit... there is yet a National Church Conference to prepare for and host...   Spring has yet to be sprung...  

But in spite of all that has kept me occupied, in spite of the weather and illness, in spite of all that is looming on the horizon...

I'm counting my blessings.


So far I'm up to 27.

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