Friday, February 16, 2007

Going Postal

I posted a parcel to the Swiss Daughter on January 30th.

It came home today.

There is a little sticker affixed to the top of the box indicating that the wrong shipping label was used.

$45 for a round trip to... I'm not even sure where.

The Postman was most apologetic.

And a little surprised that I had mailed it from an official Postal Outlet.

He suggested I should take the receipt and the parcel and go back to where I had posted it from in the first place, and either get my money back or have them fix the problem and resend it.


I'm a little ticked off at the Canada Post employee who didn't know what she was doing.

And a little frustrated that the parcel that was sent  two and a half weeks ago is back to where it started from.

It's a good thing she's there until the end of August.

It may take that long to get there, at this rate.

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