Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Son, My Hero

Well, it happened again.

It's only happened twice, and both times when The Husband was away on business.

The first time a neighbor named Wayne came by and helped get me out.

This time, it fell to the boys to shovel and push.

And push.

And shovel.

Pull up a chair, and let me tell you about it.

You see... it all started last Tuesday.  

It is a well documented and indisputable fact that I am a Klutz.

Last Tuesday I was able to sneak away to the Pottery Studio for the afternoon. When I came out, I opened both the front and back doors on the driver's side of the car. I put my pottery box into the back seat and closed that door.

I then went to step into the car, and Lo- (although I didn't see an Angel of the Lord,  I may have seen some stars...) I was looking up... from under the door...

My foot had slipped on a patch of ice, and I slid neatly right under the driver's door of the little red car.

First though: Huh! How did that happen?! At least it didn't hurt.

Second and Third thoughts: Did anyone see that, and are they going to help me get up?

I was wrong about it not hurting though, and after I had wriggled out from under the door enough to get up, I realized I had wrenched something in my back, and my left shoulder and neck were very sore. (Later that night, when I went to bed, I discovered that I may have hit my head, and I definitely had a bruise on my hip. Even the pillow hurt on that side for a couple of days.)


My neck has been a little stiff for a couple of weeks.

This is, I'm sure, why I wasn't looking so much where I was going this afternoon.

I was driving by instinct, which for normal people would not be a problem.

I, however, if you remember, am a Klutz.

I, therefore, proceeded to back up too far, into the soft snow in the field beside the alleyway.

I was royally stuck.

Thomas had the car started, preparatory to going his own way, and when I didn't go forward after going backward, he got out to see what the matter was.

I am eternally grateful that he had the good grace to not fall down laughing.

In the end, we were defeated by the snow, and he went inside to phone a friend who's Father has a truck.

I took the car, and he waited with the van for the friend.

He got it unstuck by himself, though, and showed up at the church to switch vehicles before going on his merry way.




I wonder how much a couple of sled dogs would cost to feed...


  1. probably less per month than the plates on your vehicles - Jessa, our boisterous 1 1/2 year old husky-shepherd eats less than 1 - 18kg bag of food per month, and the food rings in at $23/bag.

    Hey, maybe you can just borrow her, she LOVES to pull people around, which is why we can't walk her in winter!

  2. Every mother should have access to the help of her sons at times like this. It makes up for the years of putting up with them.

  3. I have a sled dog you can have real cheap along with the kid who could help you shovel

  4. Lauralea, did you ever think of the possibility of writing? You know you seem to have a talent for writing with such witticism. Excellent. I do enjoy your little stories.

  5. Bearing in mind the post below this, I wonder if a minor tweak to the menu might be in order?


  6. Yes I think getting two or even FOUR huskies would be ok. along with a ledge for winter and a wheeled rig for the summer.

    what more could you as for.

  7. I love your writing style. I think you should take up writing as a profession.