Thursday, March 15, 2007

And Today...

I still haven't mopped the kitchen floor- you know, that one- the one I pledged to clean three days ago...

Rather, I spent the morning rolling, cutting out, baking, icing and decorating 7 dozen Shamrock sugar cookies with sprinkles.

After I got a double batch of "Tasty Mex Casserole" going in the slow cooker.

Good times.

By 2:30 this afternoon I needed to remind myself exactly why I was still making Shamrock sugar cookies...

But, supper was good; the cookies were good, if the absence of them on the on the serving platter is any indication.

We trudged over to meet with Micah's teachers. It was report card day last Friday.

The meetings went well. I mean, he's not a genius or anything, but "he's a good kid". That's got to count for something.

We watched a T.V. Pilot this evening... Raines, it was called. 

I really liked it. I'll look for it next week too, unless the scribbling on the fridge calendar that's too far away to read tells me I'll be doing something else...

I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a pottery day.

Maybe the floor will wait until Saturday... after all, it's waited this long already...


  1. that's a foreboding "..." finish, if you didn't catch on.

    as in, a mild threat?

  2. You know what you should get me for my birthday that is coming up in six months?

    Corner Gas. Seasons.

    Just so you know....just so that if you see them on sale, you buy them.

    WAIT!...I'd BETTER still get birthday presents when I'm 20 and over...that'd be a sneaky trick to play if I didn't...