Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm On A Roll

And not in a good way.

It's early dismissal staff meeting over at the school this afternoon.

Which means bringing a nice, home-baked treat for the staff, on behalf of the Home & School Ass.... I mean on behalf of the Community Council... right... new name...

I decided to bake "Danish Apple Bars". It's a really nice thing, from "Company's Coming Desserts" that tastes like a cross between apple pie and a flaky Danish pastry.

I started it last night, a little too late, and only took it out of the oven at 11:45 pm. 

Then I forgot to put the icing on while it was warm.

I thought I would have to make another batch this morning, because 1 pan wouldn't be quite enough, as it's a treat my family likes too... and I made half of last night's batch with Splenda...


It takes quite a long time, and getting to bed very late tends to make me much less motivated the next day.


I decided, since I will have no problem finding eaters for the Apple Bars at home, that I would do something else for the staff snack.

A cake mix!


Thomas voted to make them the Chocolate Marble Angel Food cake, since he likes lemon cake better and those were the choices.

I decided to make it in a 9 X 13 inch pan, instead of the tube pan, which is a perfectly legitimate option on the cake mix box.

My cake pan, though, had a run in with a stamp collector many years ago, and being used to soak the paper off stamps caused some rust to develop.

This wasn't a huge problem until quite recently as, since the stamping incident, a lovely black self-Teflon type coating had been nurtured, effectively covering the rust while at the same time rendering the pan virtually non-stick.

A couple of years ago, though, I sent out some baking in the pan, and the pan came back scrubbed clean. I was impressed at the vigor and energy that would have been required to remove probably 15 years of baked on coating... but the pan, once again, has rust.


When I use the pan, I just cover it in foil.

This is usually a perfect solution- no clean up, easy access to squares and cakes- just lift out the foil!


When I went to put the Angel Food cake in the pan, I naturally covered the pan in foil.

Apparently this doesn't work so well with Angel Food cakes than need to be inverted...(on 4 tins the same size...)

I went to turn the cake over, and the foil promptly fell out of the cake pan.


The cake is cooling, as it rests on a cookie rack... I haven't checked yet to see how much it has fallen, and if it will be good enough to ice and take over for snack.

Or if I should take it over, even if it looks really bad... (they very likely need a reality check to the tune of "Lauralea is a good baker, but even good bakers have off days"...)

Or if I should just make some muffins or something...

At this moment I'm leaning toward muffins, as I have bananas that need to be baked up, and there are blueberries in the freezer, and I haven't had any bran muffins for awhile...

Because if I make muffins... and there's still time to do that successfully... I would make probably 3 varieties, and send half of them over, leaving half for breakfast for the next couple of days...


And, I've decided that one of the reasons I do this... the blog thing, I mean... is because it gives me a place to talk out the things I'm thinking of, and this is a good thing.

Otherwise, I'd just be the crazy lady at number 1149 that talks to herself all day...


  1. It sounds to me like you just should not be baking anything today. One of THOSE days!! :)

  2. I think I am agreeing... I decided to go with muffins, and the blueberry muffins turned out very well... then I promptly burned the banana muffins.

    In the end, I left only a couple blueberry muffins at home for the kids, and took only blueberry muffins to the school.

    So NOW, there is a tray of whole wheat Apple Danish bars on the counter, a slightly flattened chocolate marble angel food cake needing icing... and 18 banana muffins that are perfect except for the inedible bottoms!

    I've decided we're having oven fries and hot dogs for supper.

    : )

  3. oh lauralea you make me laugh... and you are alot more determined than i am

  4. I can completely sympathize with you - your day sounds a lot like a baking evening i had not so long ago...

    Robyn & my team were doing worship for sunday morning, which involves being at church from 7:45am until 12:30ish. So normally she and i figure out who will bring a snack for the team. It was my day, and so i decided muffins would be great.

    Made some apple muffins, but the apples were too moist, so even though they looked amazing, when i broke one open to try it, it was goopy inside...and of course they had already cooled and i couldn't throw them back in for a re-bake.

    Then i tried a new carrot muffin recipe, everything was going well until the boy turned off the timer on the microwave, then instead of standing over them watching them until they were done, i ended up on the computer. Needless to say that batch was a bit overdone.

    So i whipped out the breadmaker and put it on the dough setting to make my quick cinnamon pull apart bread, and got Tony to throw the dough in the fridge overnight so i could bake it up in the morning.

    Unfortunately, not quite enough time to rise it combined with not enough time to bake it resulted in tiny hard balls of dough, the inside was not cooked at all, and it definitely did not make the cut for sunday morning.

    Hopefully your next baking day turns out better!